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There is a different air as the night starts to fall, our shadows lurk the city, in search of the ambience and mood that lets your inner demons loose. The Lair resides to give you a treat to the palate created by the best across the world. Satisfy your transitional cravings by devouring on our out-of-the-world cuisines.

Seek no more, head our way, the Devil has chosen a place for you to play! Drink & feast with the dark side, for tonight, it's all about you! The luxurious d├ęcor is the best way to unwind with your friends in a perfect setting that serves the finest liquor in town, amidst stunning ambience, soft lighting & cosy seating.

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About us - Diablo

Priyank Sukhija

- CEO, First Fiddle Restaurants

Priyank Sukhija is a prodigal restaurateur & a dynamic trendsetter in his own style, he carries a personality of simplicity on his sleeve. Priyank is self-driven, and his passion led him to be the only businessman in the family, when he opened the fine-dining restaurant Lazeez Affaire at Malcha Marg, with the support of his parents at the young age of 19. This successful endeavour inspired him to set a new benchmark in the culinary industry, and he has never looked back since.

Siddharth Basavarajgouda

- Proprietor, Diablo Hyderabad

Siddharth is self-driven, conscientious & pro-active in all perspectives of business management and its development. Siddharth possesses outstanding knowledge of the business industry & has an energetic enthusiasm for excellence. Tenacious and resourceful, with impressive communication skills, his in-depth understanding of holding and maintaining customer loyalty in a food service environment, has given him successful accomplishments by identifying fresh opportunities, trends and sustaining exceptional business growth.

About us - Diablo
About us - Diablo

Sagar Bajaj

- Corporate Chef, First Fiddle Restaurants

Chef Sagar Bajaj is a passionate connoisseur, with prodigious experience in managing kitchen staff, menu planning, tracking inventory and serving patrons. Sagar is a versatile individual who is well versed with current food regulations and has comprehensive knowledge of food quality control standards. He has worked with First Fiddle Restaurants that comprise of versatile brands. A high energy chef who is well trained and innovative with cuisines & an excellent understanding of recipe modification and nutrient composition, he aims at curating the perfect palate with a passion.